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Who We Are

John Moores Foundation is a registered charity, established in 1964, that gives money to charitable community organisations. We focus on funding projects based in Merseyside (including Skelmersdale, Halton, and Ellesmere Port) and Northern Ireland.


We aim to enable people who face barriers, as a result of social, educational, physical, economic, cultural, geographical or other disadvantage, to improve their social conditions and quality of life. 


We do this by making grants to local groups with charitable aims that are providing services or activities that fall within our areas of interest.


Priority is given to small, grass-roots and volunteer driven organisations and new rather than long-established groups. We are particularly interested in supporting those groups that find it more than usually difficult to raise money.


In line with our commitment to equal opportunities, we support projects which aim to counter racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind.


We support projects which aim to break down barriers, to encourage co-operation and joint working between different community and voluntary groups and across local boundaries. Grants may be given for work involving local trust-building initiatives where there may be tensions or misunderstandings within or between communities.


We are an enabling funder and would like to help groups achieve their targets and outcomes in their own way. Groups can be given help with setting up monitoring and evaluation systems that best meet their needs, capacity etc. In Merseyside, if a group receives a grant from the Foundation, additional support may be offered to the group by our Community Groups Development worker in areas such as fundraising, strategic planning and trustee development.