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Other JMF projects & development work

Other projects

Trustees may occasionally fund projects that fall outside the policy criteria where they have a particular knowledge, interest or concern.

NOTE: Unsolicited applications which fall outside the policy criteria and all unsolicited applications from overseas projects will not be considered.

Development work

As an example of our development work towards the end of 2005, the trustees of John Moores Foundation identified the lack of co-ordinated community action and independent community development in Norris Green as being a major issue in an area of severe social and economic deprivation. They therefore decided to commission a community-led research project to establish the views of local residents on what the key issues and priorities were for the area.

A group of interested people who live and work in Norris Green was brought together to guide the process of setting up the project. This group became known as the Norris Green Reference Group and it is open to anyone who wants to get involved. The Reference Group devised the specification for the research project and interviewed and appointed consultants to conduct it. The resulting report identifies the key issues for the community and makes a set of recommendations for agencies operating in the area and an action plan for the Reference Group.

The Foundation's Community Groups Development Worker, Eddie Bowman, is currently supporting the Reference Group. If you would like to find out more about the project, please contact Eddie via our Contact Us page. An Executive Summary of the report is available together with the full Norris Green Community Research Project Final Report from our Document Download Area.